Durotan PEX Sanitary is a high quality flexible plastic pre-insulated pipe system used for heating and hot water services.


  • Hot Water Service (HWS)


Durotan PEX Sanitary is a high quality flexible PEX pre-insulated pipe system used for heating and hot water services.

Cost Savings

Innovative and streamlined manufacturing process offering best prices

Energy Efficient
Thanks to the closed cell structure and foaming process Durotan PEX Sanitary provides excellent thermal insulation. (Lambda = 0.032W/mK) reducing energy losses substantially.

Reliable & Durable
Quality materials and components manufactured to the highest standards providing long service life. In the event of the pipe casing being damaged, the fully bonded composite structure prevents longitudinally flow of water towards the connected buildings.

Reduced Excavations
Smaller outer diameters means narrower and shallow trenches, speeding up construction works and providing groundworks cost savings.

Flexible & Light
Lightweight construction and reduced bending radius provides superior flexiblility and easy handling, reduces installation times and protects against external damage.

First class materials resistant to corrosion and incrustation.

Fast & Easy to Install
Pipe coils are delivered in long lengths (up to 830m) reducing the number of underground joints required and consequently reducing installation times.

Complete Range of First Class Accessories
Wide range of first class fittings (press or compression). Tried and tested robust heat shrink joints providing long service life.


  • Manufactured in accordance with BS EN 15632-1/-2
  • Flexible PEX pipe, coiled
  • Temperature to 95 Deg C
  • Pressure to 10 Bar (SDR7.4)
  • Available in Uno or Duo pipe options
  • Available in PLUS insulation thickness
  • Joint fittings available in press or compression (screwed) type
  • Comprehensive pipe size range from 25mm OD to 63mm OD
  • No requirement for thermal expansion compensation
  • Long term warranty
  • Trace heating cable option

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