Description of STEEL-IN-STEEL

Steel-in-steel pre-insulated pipe otherwise known as pipe-in-pipe is used for high temperature heating, steam, secondary containment, gas and other applications.

The steel cased district heating pipes designed for buried applications comply with today's high demands and have been used internationally since the 1930's.

The system comprises a high grade steel carrier pipe, mineral wool insulation, air gap and steel outer casing  protected by a low density polyethylene wrapping.

Capable of withstanding extremely high temperatures to 400 Deg C, which plastic cased pre-insulated pipe systems cannot achieve.

Steel-in-steel pipes are supplied in either 6, 12 or 16m lengths. Components are factory pre-assembled to provide higher reliability.

Due to the double walled design, highly efficient thermal insulation and permanent vacuum that protects against leakage and corrosion, steel cased pipes ensure high environmental safety and are ideally suited for use in protective areas.

Features of STEEL-IN-STEEL

  • Steel pipe, rigid
  • Temperature to 400 Deg C
  • Pressure to 64 Bar
  • Available in single or twin pipe options
  • Available with leak detection


  • High Temperature Hot Water Heating (HTHW)
  • Steam
  • Condensate
  • Secondary Containment