Description of CALPEX QUADRIGA

Calpex is a high quality flexible plastic pre-insulated pipe system used for heating and hot water services.

Flexible & Durable
Calpex - with its corrugated contours and patented outercasing provides superior flexiblility, reduces installation times and protects against external damage.

Energy Efficient
Thanks to the closed cell, high pressure foaming process Calpex provides extremely low heat losses.
(Lambda = 0.026W/mK) reducing heating costs substantially.

First Class Accessories
The reliable press fittings and Calpex insulation clip shells reduce installation times and guarantee long service life.

Fast & Easy to Install
Calpex pipes are delivered in long coils (up to 1000m) reducing the number of underground joints required and consequently reduces the installation times.

Reduced Excavations
Thanks to the low lambda values of the PUR foam insulation and thus small pipe outer diameters, Calpex can be laid in narrower and shallower trenches.
The smaller volume minimises excavation work, speeding up the construction work and leads to cost savings.

Manufactured by Brugg Pipe Systems since 1995, thousands of kilometres of Calpex have been installed worlwide.
Calpex is a quality composite system, longitudinally watertight so if the outercase is breeched, water will not accumulate and flow towards the connected buildings.


  • Manufactured in accordance with BS EN 15632-1/-2
  • Flexible PEX pipe, coiled
  • Temperature to 95 Deg C
  • Pressure to 6 and 10 Bar


  • Low Temperature Hot Water Heating (LTHW)
  • Primary Hot Water Service
  • Hot Water Service (HWS)